Developer Tools:

    Light Edit
    ODBC Explorer
    WinNT Service Launcher

VCL (Delphi/C++Builder):

    dbExpress driver for SAP DB
    ODBC DAC (support of UNICODE data)

    ER Model Components


ODBC DAC (ODBC Data Access Components) is a component set for Delphi/C++ Builder to access any database via ODBC interface directly, skipping the BDE or ADO [...]

ODBC Explorer

ODBC Explorer is a database tool for Win32. It offers many powerful features for database administrators and programmers (based on ODBC DAC) [...]

dbExpress driver for SAP DB

Driver is a dynamic-link library (DLL) which provides an interface between Borland dbExpress applications and SAP DB database server using SQLDBC library [...]

ODBC Explorer

Version 1.1.5 now is compatible with DB2 ODBC driver from

Light Edit

Version 2.0 with multi-language (like JScript, VBScript, DelphiScript, Perl, Python etc.) macros support has been released [...]

Open Source

Entity-Relationship (ER) Model Components for Delphi/C++Builder [...]

(Released under GNU LGPL)